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Need help with an Island Name? Use this tool to help you come up with some ideas!

Generate Island Name

Thanks to A Forest Life for this fantastic creative idea!

Some Animal Crossing News

There is a Birthday today on June 5th! Happy Birthday to Camofrog!

3/16/20 • Our Discord Server has been organized. Come join and hangout. Thanks to Celesmeh, Joda, and cark for all of the work they put into getting everything setup!

3/14/20 • AC Pocket News site is up! Go check it out here.

3/13/20 • Anyone else ready to play this? This video is wonderful!

3/12/20 • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has started a crossover event. You can earn New Horizons themed items right now!

3/11/20 • Animal Crossing New Horizons has been reviewed already, and it received an incredible score! Famitsu scored it a 38/40, which is awesome and makes me think it's going to live up to the hype.

3/10/20 • Saw a cute New Horizons Comic on Reddit by @corgiyolk - Check it out!